Social Care

Social services provide a wide range of support.  If you require social care support, you can ask the local authority – in Sunderland this would be Together for Children – to assess the child or young person’s social care needs.

If the young person is approaching the age of 18, you may request a child’s needs assessment to establish what support they may need from adult social services after turning 18.

If a young person over 18 requires social care support, this is provided by adult social services. Carers UK has information on how to request an over 18s needs assessment.

Even if the child or young person does not require support for social care, their carer may need support in order to cope with meeting the child or young person’s care needs. Contact and Carers UK have information on carers assessment help for parents or details for a young person aged 18 or over.

For more information on how to request an assessment and what to expect, please look at the following links

Services for children with disabilities – Together for Children

How to access services | Contact

Services-and-support-from-your-local-authority.pdf (

Adult social care and support – Sunderland City Council

Worried about someone? (

Home – NDRC 

In Sunderland if you care for a young person or another adult over the age of 18, Sunderland Carers Centre are commissioned on behalf of Sunderland Local Authority to carry out a carers assessment.  To find out more information go to their website

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